Vegas Las Vegas Vacation Rentals – What to Look For in Vacation Hotels

The Red Rock Casino Resort Spa Nevada NV is a completely re-design of the earlier Nellis Air Force Base Hotel. The hotel offers wonderful spa treatments for you and your family. The treatment suites include the new state of the art steam bath, relaxing sauna, aromatherapy steam room, relaxing massage and many other relaxing treatments.

The hotel offers four restaurants; Grille Express, Bakery, Las Vegas Grill and Tacos el Norte. All the restaurants offer a great service and are always filled with activity. When dining in your home town, you will never have to worry about the comfort that you will receive.

The spa offers many treatments for you and your family. The Spa offers the newly designed and sophisticated massages, the delicious and unique Thai food and the wonderful rejuvenating spas. The spa even offers on site health and wellness centers and is a luxurious environment.

The Las Vegas Grill serves a great selection of Chinese, Tex-Mex and Italian. It is a restaurant for those who wish to enjoy great tasting food. The restaurants offer the famous Sonoma’s Chardonnay and Riesling wines from California. You can even order through your PC or laptop with the Internet.

The meals at the Las Vegas Grill are made with fresh and organic ingredients. The restaurant features an art Deco style that is the perfect setting for some fun and a great time. There is no better way to enjoy your vacation than at the Red Rock Casino Resort Spa Las Vegas NV.

For your convenience there is the Sinful Mediterranean Grill located near the Las Vegas Grill. SinfulMediterranean Grill is just outside the hotel at the corner of Paradise Drive and Desert View Drive. The Sinful Mediterranean Grill is a casual restaurant for dinner and the drinks and appetizers.

The area in front of the Las Vegas Grill is very popular. This area provides you with some great places to play golf and more. The Sonoma’s Chardonnay is right there on the corner of the Las Vegas Grill and you can also purchase a bottle service while you are there.

When you are traveling you will not be worried about missing out on any fun, you can be sure to find it at the Red Rock Casino Resort Spa Las Vegas NV. Just a quick visit to the Las Vegas Grill and Sinful Mediterranean Grill is the perfect way to end your Las Vegas Vacation. It is an area that you will enjoy returning to time again.