What Are The Red Rock Casino Buffet Prices?

Looking for Red Rock Casino Buffet Prices? You can find them online, in the casino buffet restaurants or by phone. I recommend calling because you get a better idea of the types of food you’ll be eating and what you can expect from each.

First, there is the first slot – the Red Rock Casino Hotel. There’s a variety of food to offer – burgers, pizza, hot dogs, salads, desserts, sandwiches, soups, and more. They’ve got signature beverages and many local beer selections. They also have alcoholic beverages that are not too strong and they offer wine, champagne, and cocktails.

They also have a game room. There’s something for everyone here. One game I especially enjoy is a Las Vegas style “Lucky Coin” game. Just remember, there are different versions and it’s best to go online to find this information.

The Blue Corner Casino has unique offerings to the Red Rock. I also enjoy their food but I like the atmosphere of the red side of the venue better.

The Neptune offers a nice selection of food. I particularly enjoy their Mediterranean cuisine. I’m partial to the lamb, fish, and salad bar. The Las Vegas casino has a full bar and excellent wine selections.

They offer a Caribbean buffet on the desert side. They also have several other options including an Italian buffet and Hawaiian Lounge.

The Grand Palace offers an amazing buffet complete with Italian, Asian, and Cuban fare. The red side of the event is a buffet style with items such as a pork chop roast, nachos, soups, and salads.

Whether you want to eat at one of the Red Rock locations or the more exclusive casino buffet prices, you’ll find the right selections. The buffet prices are usually significantly less than other options in the area. These are great prices and you’ll never be disappointed.